Friday, March 4, 2011

The 'Jennifer manicure'-no nail polish; still lovely hands.

One of my best friends, Jennifer, 
is a no nonsense kind of lady.
She has a booming photography career, 
3 beautiful children, a handsome husband, 
a huge Italian extended family,
and a really busy life.

"I don't make time for manicures. 
But I still want my hands to look pretty, " she tells me.
Even my tweeny daughter, Bella, says 
"Mom, I think I will give my nails a break this week
and do the 'Jennifer' manicure."

        Nails don't have to be painted all the time. 
    The key to beautiful hands is simple-
   all nails must be the same length...

·  When your job requires a lot of 
wet hands at work, and/or you 
are not permitted and/or 
are discouraged from wearing nail polish,
you can still present a beautiful hand.
File each nail gently to the same length 
once a week.
·Scrub the nails with a toothbrush.
Long nails and no polish do not mix. 
Keep the nails short with just a little bit of a tip.
Using a clear coat of polish keeps the nails healthy and protects them from snagging and tearing.

Sally Hansen is the best clear polish by far. 
Here is a link:

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